The Church of the Nazarene in Tipp City, Ohio, had its humble beginnings in 1937.  For $1,100, Rev. J. I. Moore acquired a building on South Third Street which had been built in 1877 and was used by the German Lutheran congregation until 1917.  For many years after that it was used as a carpenter shop. 

Rev. Moore, pastor of the Troy Nazarene Church, proceeded to organize and prepare for its first service.  He secured a young minister, Harvey Doubledee, to be the pastor and his son, Ray Moore, to help with the music.  And with the help of others from the Troy Church, the church was officially organized on August 8, 1937, with eight charter members: Mr. and Mrs. Therul Tittle, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Lewis, Mrs. Mary Hartley, Mrs. Furlong, Mrs. Howard, and Mrs. Stevens.

There was a great spirit of worship among the few people who gathered in the church.  They were starting a new church, a new future.  That fall the church held its first revival.  Many young people accepted Christ as their Savior and all the new converts were added to the church membership.  A new beginning; a new commitment.

In 1947, the church was remodeled to provide class rooms, restrooms, and a furnace to heat the building.  In 1951, a parsonage was acquired for $10,500.  In 1961, the sanctuary was remodeled to provide a new addition and an entrance to the church at a cost of $35,000.

The congregation became aware they needed to acquire property for a new church.  In 1974, under the leadership of Pastor Wayne Stallings, ten acres was purchased on State Route 571.  It was a commitment to better serve their community and their God.  The parsonage on Third Street was sold and the Pastor moved into the brick house located on the newly acquired property.  The Preschool had its beginnings in the white house there.

The congregation built their first building in 1976 : a new Learning Center.  In 1979 they felt it was time for a new sanctuary. The church on Third Street was sold to the Church of Christ.  A portion of the land on Route 571 was sold to Bank One.  This helped defray the cost of the new sanctuary and educational facility.  Dedication was held on March 1, 1981, and that same year the church purchased a new parsonage.

On May 31, 1987, the congregation broke ground for a new building that would provide them a fellowship and recreation facility, as well as classrooms.  At present, this facility is in constant use by our youth in the church and the youth from the surrounding community in a ministry known as Spikes Rec.Center.

Recently, in an effort to better reach our community we have renovated our facilities.  These renovations have included an expansion of our lobby area for fellowship after worship, the modernizing our sound, lighting, and media ministry for worship, and re-carpeting a major portion of our facilities.  

God has blessed us in more than a material way since the first revival in 1937.  Many people, young and old, have come to know the Lord.  Many have become a vital part of the church, helping to carry on the work of God.  Pastors and people, each serving in his own capacity, lead the church to a higher communion with God and service to their community.