Notes From the Pastor

Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend and a special thank you to: Dr. Geoff Kunselman Swafford Construction James Brashear (refinishing the attendance board) Mike Brockert (building the alters) Ryan Murphy (sound and lighting) Vern Gentry (new window) Miranda Musick (painting) Dave Tennant and the demolition crew Betty Spencer, Dana Murphy, and Meghan […]

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I have a friend who is celebrating 31 days clean today! He has had no alcohol or cigarettes. It is a huge accomplishment to overcome addiction. At day 30 he decided he would also take on giving up fast food. For those of us that have walked through addiction with someone we love, we know […]

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This is what I expect: that you get up in the morning, get dressed (including socks), eat breakfast, brush your teeth, get your things together, and be ready to go to school. On time. In that order. Everyday. My children know my expectations…they get it. We live life with expectations; we expect certain things from […]

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Tipp City Church of the Nazarene

Sunday Morning Worship Service

  August 19, 2018

During the service you’ll experience a worshipful atmosphere, loving people, and inspirational Bible based preaching. Our services are kid friendly, but TC Naz Kidz also has amazing, age appropriate, programming during our service.

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Serve the City

  August 25, 2018

Our mission here at TC Naz is Loving God, Serving Others, Growing Together. On Saturday, August 25th we will have our first Serve the City day.

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