Notes From the Pastor

Your Peace Will Make Us One

On Sunday, Cindy Brockert shared with us the beautiful song “Your Peace Will Make Us One.” Take a moment and read through the words again today? Where in your life may the Shalom of God be needed? Is there anything in your life today that is incomplete or in need of mending? May the peace […]

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New Year

New years are always bombarded with new opportunities. The gym is half price. Cigerette sales are down and you can’t find your favorite brand of almond milk. Goals are set. Lifestyle changes are taking place. We are already tired and we are only finishing week one! In Charles Spurgeon’s sermon A Palm for the New […]

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When You Don’t “Feel” Joyous

Let’s be honest, it is always something, something working to steal our joy, our hope. During the Christmas Season, more than ever, there is guilt attached to it as well! Why do I sense this disheartening during a time that is oozing with the joy of the coming Christ child. Paul reminded the Roman church, […]

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