Notes From the Pastor

A Ministry of Presence at the Border

In Przemyśl, Poland, the global Church of the Nazarene has been responding since the onset of war in Ukraine. When the war broke out, the first Nazarene responder at the Polish-Ukrainian border was a Syrian pastor, seeking ways to serve. Soon after, a team formed, putting out the call for volunteers to come and physically […]

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A Note From Pastor Karen

“Where there is new wine there is new power, there is new freedom and the Kingdom is here. I lay down my old flames to carry Your new fire today. So, make me Your vessel. Make me an offering. Make me whatever You want me to be. God, I came here with nothing, but all […]

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Ashe Wednesday

If you have never participated in an Ash Wednesday service before, or are unsure why the church takes part in this peculiar practice, you are not alone. Ash Wednesday is the beginning of a forty-day journey of fasting, repentance, and prayer as we journey toward the cross of Jesus and his resurrection together. This day […]

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  April 11, 2021 – August 27, 2023

During the service, you’ll experience a worshipful atmosphere, loving people, and inspirational Bible-based preaching. Our services are kid-friendly, but we also offer an awesome TCNaz Kidz service for all children ages 3-5th grade and a safe and loving nursery for our kid’s ages birth through two. We hope you will join us this Sunday! 

We are also worshiping online via our Facebook page. 

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