Notes From the Pastor

Be Still: A Note From Pastor Leah

Be still. This is something that the Lord has directed me to do on more times that I can count. Through phases of my life, as worry starts to well up within me, the Lord prompts me to be still. Lately, life has been chaotic, but in a good way. Due to the way the […]

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Easter is Coming

The truth of Christ is often overshadowed by our understanding of who He is and what He came to do. Our misconceptions and broken interpretations often lead to a candy coated, Santa-Jesus. He came for me. He did. He died for me. He did that too. But for what purpose and to what end? When […]

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First Steps and Milestones

I remember Hattie’s first steps. She was an early walker at only 10 months old. She smiled from ear to ear hollering with a beautiful toddling laugh. Her dark eyes captured this momma’s heart. And we celebrated. We cheered with claps, and words of encouragement, and laughter. And our encouragement lead her on to walk […]

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