District Camps

Registration for this year’s district Kids Summer Camp and district Teen Camp is now open!

Children’s Camping is one of the most important summer ministries of a church. Thousands of boys and girls attend children’s camps each year all over the United States. Hundreds come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior as a result of their camp experience. Be sure to register before July 3rd for the early bird pricing. See Pastor Karen Allore for more information or follow this link to the registration website!

The chief purpose of Teen Camp is Discipleship.  Discipleship happens in big and small ways and no matter if someone has just started to follow Jesus this week or they have been following Jesus since before they could talk, the call is to still be discipled and disciple others so that we might all know Jesus as our Lord and Savior and have a deeper level of Christian commitment and understanding.  This is accomplished each year through; large group worship services, small groups,  personal devotional time, & the organic one-on-one conversations that occur every single year at camp around the gaga ball pit or the bonfire, etc.  In addition, Teen Camp is a great opportunity to meet other Christian teenagers from around Northwestern Ohio and have A LOT of outdoor summer fun. Register today!