Who We Are

When I look in the mirror first thing in the morning, before coffee or make-up or talking, it is a pretty sad site. Swollen bags protrude from under my sleepy eyes and crows-feet announce “Rachel, you are older today than you were yesterday.” I go to the kitchen and sip coffee from my favorite mug that reminds me, in bold letters, to “preach it sister.” I round up kids, all headed in different directions, asking each of them 500 times, “Have you brushed your teeth yet?” I brush my teeth, put on my best smile, drop off Hattie Jo at preschool, sit at my desk and open up God’s word.

Every morning my routine is pretty much the same. Soon I find myself wondering, who am I? Am I a mom, a wife, a pastor, a napper, a daycare dropper-off-er, a book keeper, a building manager, a housekeeper? Who am I? Life can dish out more than we can handle and usually does. I would like to think I am Wonder Women. I can whip out my golden lasso of truth and conquer all that comes my way. But my identity does not come from what I can or can not do; it is not found in the roles that I fill or the tasks that I hammer through.

As we forge our way through life it is essential that we clarify our identity in Christ alone. Otherwise we will always fall short. We will never be enough. We will continue to be confused and overwhelmed because we let the rest of the world dictate who we are. It is through God’s grace and compassion that we find ourselves knowing who we truly are: His children (John 1:12), adopted (Ephesians 1:5), accepted (Romans 15:7), make in his image (Genesis 1:27), free (Romans 6:6), known (Jeremiah 1:5), chosen (1st Peter 2:9), loved (1 John 3:1-2). This week may God remind you of who you are.

Pastor Rachel

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