There Is a Light

There is a lamp in my office. Tracy Waal, my former boss at MVNU, made it out of an old electrical box and antique gas light covers. The first time I saw it I was amazed. What a wonderful expression of the creativity and skill that God had given him. Everyday I turn it on as soon as I enter my office. It is one of the first things that I do. I love it’s character, it’s light, it’s beauty. When Tracy gave it to me as a parting gift from MVNU my heart filled up with joy and gratitude. It was the most perfect gift he could have extended to me.

There is a light that I pursue on a daily basis. My maker is that Light.

The Light is beautiful and it reveals so much about who I am and who God is. There is no darkness in him, only light. And when I walk into that light, much is revealed. My sin has no place to hide, my faults are fully exposed, and my shame is bared out for God to fully see and examine. He could judge, He could condemn, He could damn, but instead, when I choose to walk into the light all the darkness within me is forgiven. There is no condemnation, no judgement for those who walk and live in the Light.

And so this morning when I rose, I immediately chose His light. My heart filled up with joy and gratitude. It is the most perfect gift that He could have extended to me.

Today you have a choice as well. Will you allow the Light of God to come in and fill you up with His grace, love, forgiveness, and truth or will you stay in the darkness, allowing the lies, death, and judgement to rule? As for me, I choose to live in the Light as He is in the light.


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