As a body of Christian believers we understand the purpose of Christ’s death and resurrection, but often overlook the deep rooted value that is found in Palm Sunday celebration. Never in history had there been, nor will there ever be again, a Savior King who comes into town riding on a donkey. This alone is symbolic of the peace that Christ brought with Him and the kingdom that He foreshadows; a kingdom that declares “God is peace”. The crowd on the other hand was yelling “Hosanna” which in the literal Greek means “save now”. They were not interested in a peaceful savior. They wanted a powerful ruler about to miraculously overturn the Roman government.

In Isaiah 55:8 God reminds us of this: “For My thoughts are not your thoughts, Nor are your ways My ways.” How often do we cry Hosanna, asking God to save now, but are not willing to accept the type of salvation that He offers to us? Jesus’ salvation looked different than the people’s expectations, so only a few short days after “Hosanna” was proclaimed, from the lips of the same crowd, the words “crucify Him” arose with a resounding, unified voice.

As we prepare for Palm Sunday, the waving of palms and lips proclaiming Hosanna, should we not take time to examine our hearts? Can we truly cry that word knowing that God’s plan for saving us may look quite different than our expectations?

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