This is what I expect: that you get up in the morning, get dressed (including socks), eat breakfast, brush your teeth, get your things together, and be ready to go to school. On time. In that order. Everyday. My children know my expectations…they get it. We live life with expectations; we expect certain things from our spouse, our children, co-workers, our church, our neighborhood. My question today is, what do you expect from Jesus?

I spoke at our district teen camp this last week and in a small group one of the boys made the statement that he had tried that Jesus stuff before and it doesn’t work. The youth pastor responded “What do you mean it doesn’t work? What do you expect from Jesus?” After a long pause the boy responded with heartfelt honesty, “I don’t know what to expect from Jesus.”

We have become so self sufficient that we often live our lives with no influence from the Holy Spirit. On a daily basis we have no expectations of Jesus. The issue is that He is waiting and wanting to be present with you. He desires to pour Himself into you, to give you good gifts. His presence is waiting, full of grace, joy, comfort, peace, hope, love….and we are missing out. Why? Because we have no expectations of Jesus.

Lord, forgive us for our ignorance. Forgive us for our short sighted faith. Help us to see you and live in expectation of all that you have for us.

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