Mother Teresa on Prayer

Prayer is intimate dialogue with God, and flows out of a living, vital relationship with Him. It is not a program or a plan. As with all dialogue, its dynamic is a blend of listening and speaking. Too often, we feel that we must fill our prayers with words, when silence may be where we discover wisdom, guidance, and peace. Mother Teresa of Calcutta, was once interviewed by Dan Rather, a noted US television journalist and interviewer. The interview went like this:

DR: “You say that you pray all the time. What do you say to God?”

MT: “I don’t say anything…I listen.”

The response somewhat put Dan Rather off his footing, and after he re-grouped his thoughts, he said: DR: “Well, then what does He say to you?”

MT: “He doesn’t say anything…He listens…” There was a fairly long pause, after which Mother Teresa said…

MT: “…and if you can’t understand that, I cannot explain it to you.”

We should not be afraid of silence in prayer. Are we really listening to God? Much of our frenzied fear and frustration might be reduced if we were truly attentive to God’s ‘still small voice’, saying… “This is the way, walk in it.” Covenant to change the mood and mode of your prayer life this year. Establish a new rhythm of prayer in your life, that concerns you with more than your own interests and needs, but also with the interests and needs of others. Commit to quieting your spirit, to allow the Spirit of God to guide and prompt you into a dynamic prayer life that joins God in his redemptive work in the world. As in the Lord’s prayer, when He taught His disciples how to pray, Jesus was trying to say “My prayers are consistent with my life…I live this prayer!” Prayer, as dialogue, flows out of honesty that is marked with: Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Petition, Intercession, and Dedication

As you reach out to the Lord this week, I pray that your heart will turn itself to the very heart of God – Pastor Rachel

(This devotional thought on Prayer was taken from the NWWP booklet found here)

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