Gifts are starting to be wrapped and the tree is looking festive. Houses are covered in lights and wreaths. The ugly sweaters have made their appearance from the back of dusty drawers and the children are high on sugary treats. From the outside there is no doubt that the Christmas season is upon us. It is everywhere we look. There is no missing it. Yet, we don’t always “feel” like Christmas.
Advent is the expectant waiting of the arrival of someone of great nobility. And though our outsides show it, sometimes our insides are not as reflective of the season. John the Baptist cried out in the wilderness, “Get everything ready, the Lord is coming” (Matthew 3). May this week as you are adorning your home for the coming King, take time to make your heart ready as well. Are there drab places, broken roads, poor attitudes that may need a little work this season? Now is the time. Get them ready, for the Lord is coming!

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