Our Daily Bread

I love Hawiian rolls! They are soft and sweet and melt in my mouth. I had one today with my cold day staple, chicken noodle soup. Honestly I am not sure how good this bread is for my health. It is super yummy, but has alot of carbs and little nutritional value. But boy is it delicious.

At home I have this new bread that I started buying from Aldi. It is high in protien and fiber. It is nutrient rich and I love it too. The thing is, this bread is much better for me. Given the two I know I may not always choose what is best for me.

In the Lord’s prayer we ask God to give us His daily bread. We aren’t asking for him to help us chose what is best, but trusting that He will provide exactly what we need. His bread is perfect, it is filling, it is rich with all that we need to be sustained for the ministry to which God calls us.

Today, lay down your tendency to choose your own metaphorical bread and simply ask the Lord to provide all that you need for today. He is faithful and He will do it.

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