Blessed and Thankful

I sat around a much smaller table for Thanksgiving this year. Yet, as we began to share what we were thankful for, the table filled with light and head nods in agreement; we are truly blessed.

Through this year we have faced many ups and downs, especially this week. We all are in shock and filled with sorrow at the loss of Bea Newman and Del Poling. Our hearts ache for those we love who are no longer with us and for their families. We will show them great compassion and continue to lift them up in prayer.

Two weeks ago we decided to shut down the Daycare and the church for 2 weeks. It gave us time to clean and prepare for the reopening on Monday. Initially we had hoped to be together this week, but unfortunately, with cases continuing to rise in our county, we as a board feel it is best to hold off for one more week.

This week is also our last week with Pastor’s Matt and Miranda. We are so sorrowful that we will not be together for worship this Sunday, however the teens will get to be with them one last time this Sunday evening during Velocity.

I pray that your Thanksgiving was filled with God’s great grace.

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