The Gift of Christmas

I love Christmas mornings: comfy pjs, coffee cup steaming, fire blazing, and children smiling in expectation. But I am not sure the anticipation they feel can compare to mine. Why? Because I know. I wrapped each gift with care and purchased it with them in mind. I have anticipated how they will react since the moment I decided to make the purchase. The joy they share is unexplainable when what they’d hoped for has come to fruition and has finally arrived.

How many times did God look at his creation and smile. Not because the world was perfect or even that humanity was in a right relationship with him, but because He knew that Christmas was coming! He had planned every detail, from the teenage girl on a donkey, to angels in a shepherds’ field, to a star shining in the east. It was about to happen. Jesus, the greatest gift of all was about to be introduced to the world.

This Christmas may you and your family experience the gift of Jesus in a beautiful and real way. Though this year might look different, remember that God never changes. When the time arrived 2020 years ago for the gift of Jesus to be born, He had you in mind. This gift was given just for you.

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