The Mission and Party at the Park

Loving God. Serving Others. Growing Together.
That is the mission of TCNaz and resonates with what we understand to be the very heart of God.
We love God by spending time with Him, giving of our first and best, communicating with Him, and worshiping Him alongside our community of faith.
We Serve Others by thinking of ourselves less. Our wants and needs come after others. We put them first so that the Kingdom of God can be experienced and expanded.
We Grow Together by spending time with others and Jesus! Life Groups, Bibles Studies, Sunday Morning Classes, Fellowship Connections, all give us opportunities to grow and thrive as a healthy community.
Over the past weeks, we have lived out this mission beautifully. Our ministry in Tweed Woods has definitely shown love to God, service to our neighbor, and we have grown as a body of believers. This last week over 40 people from TCNaz and a large group from that community showed up. Please be praying for the bus ministry and our continued mission to our community.

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