Pausing to Pray, For Others

We are often disconnected from the bad that is lurking around each corner. We see the good in people and in our communities. For that, we are blessed. There are also events in our world today that are devastating. This week a gang of Haitians kidnapped 17 people who were serving with Christian Aid Ministries. Of this group 5 are children. The gang has set a ransom to the tune of 17 million dollars. The country has been devastated for years and this horrific act is a blatant sign of how bad things have truly gotten. But the good does not end when disaster occurs. This organization continues to feed, provide care for, and love the Haitian community. That is what the Kingdom of God looks like in crisis.
This should cause pause in our day. Pausing to pray for those involved in this incident. Pausing to ask for God’s Kingdom to come. Pausing to ask ourselves if we truly are able to see God when the horrific occurs. God, grant us pause today. Help us to see you and your work in the midst of this event and others like it. Be near to the missionaries and their families. Grant peace, restoration, and hope in your name. Amen.

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