The Seasons of Life

This week time changes. We move one hour backwards meaning that my children will be up at some crazy early hour. The rooster will still be sleeping and they will be ready for breakfast. This especially applies to our 6-year-old foster daughter. She is always up bright and early.
When we became foster parents, we know that there would be a time for each of our foster placements to move on to a new home. There is a time for everything. As Thanksgiving approaches we are preparing our hearts to say goodbye to this little girl who, over the last 9 months, has made her way into our hearts and lives. We knew the time was coming. That time is now.
The author of Ecclesiastes understood time too. He know that each of us would face joy and hardships and that they would come simply because we live in a world where time affects everything. “For everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven.” (3:1)
You may be in transition or simply enjoying the present. No matter where you are today, give God thanks for the times that you have had and invite him into the times that are yet to come. He is waiting there for you already.

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