A Note From Pastor Karen

Thanksgiving used to be just a bit easier when we were children. Everyone would come over to my grandma’s house where we would set up an adult table in the dining room and a kids table in the family room, my grandma letting me set out the china she used only for this specific holiday. Something always burnt or broke in the process, but it was never about the food or the table settings or the Macy’s Day Parade that we barely watched but always had on the television. What really mattered was the people who surrounded the table.

We have a tradition in our house – before we sit down and enjoy the meal together, we go around to each person in the room and share what we are thankful for this year. The people who used to sit at the kids table are now adults and so we don’t have the opportunity to get together in one house like we used to. My sister Kim and her family stays in Tennessee and my Aunt Monica and her family stay in Cleveland. Uncle Mark typically makes it into town, but this year his daughter Eliya will not. Growing up made spending the holidays together a little bit harder. However, we do not forgo our tradition. We jump on the phone and call each of the households, placing everyone on speaker, and listen to the thankfulness that is in each of our hearts.

This season is busy. There’s shopping, cooking, cleaning, events, decorating, all on top of the normal day to day tasks. I want to encourage you today – take a moment during each activity on your plate and find something to thank God for. Celebrate each moment and live in the goodness of the Lord this Thanksgiving and Christmas. As you do this, witness how the hussle and bussle of the season turns into the blessings of the Father.

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