Christ Be Magnified!

This past Sunday we sang the song Christ Be Magnified by Cody Carnes and we utilized the bridge portion of the song as the introduction to our prayer time. I want to encourage you to continue praying and reflecting on those words this week. Reread them each day and reflect on how they apply to your walk with God. What does it mean to live out the theology woven within these lyrics? Is the anthem of your heart to magnify Christ? If so, if you desire to hear the whole earth in chorus singing out His name, then this bridge is written for your testimony.

“I won’t bow to idols, I’ll stand strong and worship You. And if it puts me in the fire, I’ll rejoice ’cause You’re there too. I won’t be formed by feelings, I hold fast to what is true. If the cross brings transformation then I’ll be crucified with You. ‘Cause death is just the doorway into resurrection life. And if I join You in Your suffering, then I’ll join You when You rise. And when You return in glory with all the angels and the saints. My heart will still be singing, my song will be the same. Oh! Christ be magnified”

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