Do You Believe?

Jesus, the Messiah, spoke to us all when he posed the question to Martha: “Do you believe?”. Do we truly believe that Jesus is the resurrection and the life? Do we believe he holds all power over life and death?
His words and Martha’s situation easily lead our minds to think of physical death. We remember those that we love who have gone from life into a new and eternal life with Jesus Christ our Lord. We too, like Martha have hard questions to ask. We are unsettled by Jesus’ words. We want to know why when he didn’t seem to show up in time for our loved ones’ moment of crisis.
Jesus is big enough and kind enough to handle the questions you have. He loves you where you are and will be faithful to be the God you need him to be in these moments of struggle. For that to happen you must do as Martha did. Run to him. Pour your heart out before him. Listen to him. Believe in Him.

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