Life Groups

Life Groups are coming up soon! Here’s what you need to know about being a host/leader of a Life Group:

For hosting, all that is needed is a space for the group to meet. This could be your back patio, your living room, around the dining room table, anywhere in your home is perfect! Sometimes hosts provide light refreshments, but that is by no means a requirement. Hosting is simply opening your home for about an hour a week so that your Life Group can grow together.

For leaders, Life Groups in the past have been sermon based. However, we would like to try something new this year. Is there a topic you would love to discuss with others? There is a devotional series on just about any topic out there! There are free resources through the Bible App as well as through Group Leaders. Maybe there’s a devotional series you are interested in your group purchasing – a great source for these would be The Foundry Publishing. Maybe you already have small group material that you enjoyed and you want to share it with others. That’s a great option as well! Whatever God is calling you to, I encourage you to listen with obedience. Topics can include things like love, healing, fear, temptation, doubt, or prayer. More topics include things like parenting, finances, marriage, leadership, or addiction. Maybe your Life Group is based on demographic such as gender, age range, or location. There is a plan out there for you to lead that will fit perfectly with the Life Group you are called to.

If you are interested in hosting or leading a Life Group this year, please fill out this Growing Together Form no later than August 17th. If you are interested in leading a life group and already have someone in mind for hosting, great! If you are in need of someone to partner with, I’d be happy to help connect you with someone who can either host or lead (whichever one you are not wanting to do). I would love to know an initial topic you are interested in discussing as well as a date/time for your Life Group to meet so that I can share about it during my August 21st sermon on Growing Together.

Life Groups are so important to the third pillar of our mission statement – Growing Together. Be a part of a Life Group this fall and consider hosting/leading one as well!

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