Giving Tuesday: Christmas Community Challenge!

Look around and consider all that our world is facing today. In Miami County alone over 10,000 people are living below the poverty level. This means thousands of people struggling to pay electric bills, have access to needed medications, and children without enough to eat. Our goal at TCNaz is to help be a solution to the needs of our community through giving and loving like Jesus.
Each year TCNaz gives/raises over $50,000 for local and global works. We do this through the amazing donations of our local community and church family! This year, we aim to raise $50,00 as part of our Christmas Community Challenge! Every penny of these funds will support people in need. You can give and serve today to make this dream a reality!
Today we invite you to participate in the Christmas Community Challenge by ringing the Salvation Army Bell and giving towards our community fund! We want to be able to do more, to help more, and to serve more, beyond the limitations of financial constraints. $35,000 will be raised through the Salvation Army bell ringing and the other $15,000 through generous donations from people in our church and local community!

You can also sign up to ring the bell at Sign Up Genius!

Give Today!

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