Compassion and Justice

The study on Ruth has caused many questions about compassion and justice. How did God ordain his people to live in such a way that compassion and justice were always exhibited, especially to the least of these? I appreciate the way the United Methodist Church differentiates the two terms: “As Christians, we are called to do Acts of Compassion and Acts of Justice, but sometimes it is difficult to distinguish between them. Compassion is showing kindness for another person. Justice is an action that creates a change that makes things fairer in our community or world.” (

Boaz sought to make the world a better place by being a business owner, a farmer, who was willing to step out in faith and give of his crops. Not even years of famine had scared him away from a life of generosity to the foreigner and the widow.

Today, how can you exhibit compassion towards others or even start taking steps of faith that lead to BIG changes in our world, making it a better place as well?

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